The Hot Dog Generators are a weapon from Tyrian.


Following the dismantling of the Superspace Hot Dawg franchise (pushed out of the picture by the increasing popularity of International House of Gruel), a cache of top-secret rapid hot dog generators were discovered in a sold research warehouse on Camanis.

These generators were capable of synthesizing and elongating pork nodules at 16ms each, vapor-cooking them within 2ms, and synthesizing the bun directly outside of the meat simulatneously. SynthaMustard was then applied using high-speed mustard-jet apparatus. In effect, within 20ms of placing the order a hot-dog simulacrum could be created and delivered out of the pressurized chaimber to a waiting customer. Most generators were equipped with as many as 20 simultaneous generation chambers.

These were intended for very saturated markets and would have reduced costs over time by 50%. In fact, experts speculate that if this Hot Dawg research had been completed a few minutes sooner, the takeover bid could have been averted and the company saved.

However, this cruel twist of fate prompted a black-market for hot dog generators to feed luxury-class citizens and host international barbecues. In addition, at least one report claims that if the nozzles were tampered with these generators could be dangerous weapons in the wrong hands.

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