Mission: Suicide

First half of the sector wants you dead only because of what you know. Then, you seek help only to be suckered into a scheme by them to wipe out the other half of the sector. Third, when you learn about their plans, you're sent to prison! Now that you've blasted your way to freedom, just how free are you? There is an invasion at hand, and it looks like you're the only one who can stop it.

Otherwise... There won't be anyplace left to hide.

Mission: Suicide is the third episode of Tyrian. This episode shows the showdown between Trent Hawkins and the Gencore Tech Alliance against the newly-empowered Microsol fleet led by Vykromod.


  Asteroid City--<S--Stargate---S>---Sawblades
        |               |                |
                    Tyrian X*
                    Savara Y*
                    New Deli*

* Stages only available on the Hard difficulty

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