The Rear Guns are secondary offensive weapons from Tyrian. Much like the Front Guns, they are fired with the main fire button in the standard button configuration. Unlike the Front Guns, equipping them is optional. They can all be upgraded up to level 11.

Rear Guns listEdit

VulcanRear Vulcan Cannon500
Protron Protron650
Multi Multi-Cannon750
Protron Wild Ball800
Starburst Starburst900
HeavyMissile Mega Pulse900
Scatter Scatter Wave900
Sonic Sonic Wave950
Marlo Heavy Guided Bomb1000
Fireball Fireball1000
HeavyMissile Heavy Missile1000
MicroBomb Guided Micro Bomb1100
BananaBlast Banana Blast1100
HotDog Hot Dog Generators1100

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