Torm is one of the planets from Tyrian.


A rubnik is worth a thousand words on this planet.

Sector capital and regional chapter of the Interplanetary Government. Torm is one of the largest worlds in the sector, surpassed in size only by the ice world of Camanis. The surface is similar to Savara's, though consisting of grasslands and heavily forested mountain regions. The city capital, Portoch, is a metropolis of corruption and dark, rainy days.


Torm is a vegetarian's delight or worst nightmare. Twenty-eight thousand types of vegetarian dishes are served daily, with another Sixty thousand on request. Also prevalent is a large selection of animal dishes with the ever-popular and expensive dragon succotash. Many people save up their whole lives just to order this dish once. Many others succumb to the toxic nature of the dish, but what a way to go.


Only make a visit to be depressed, since the buildings are so neglected they are streaked with dirt. It is said that the chapter lords are so decadent that they seldom emerge from the local simulation clubs. The city itself is an example of why Microsol holds so much sway in governmental policies: bribery.


On Torm, you can partake of the most degrading sports and acts known in the universe. Few ever leave this planet the same, and fewer even leave - or can. A visit to this planet is one you won't easily miss. Be sure to bring a bodyguard. Actually, bring a whole army. You'll need them.


Tyrian music - Torm01:43

Tyrian music - Torm

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